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Tourism Village in Bali

24 August 2010

The development of Pangsan Village as a tourism village in the Petang sub district enriching the treasure of tourist attractions in Northern Badung can be enjoyed by tourists spending holiday in Bali. In its development, the Pangsan Village still encounters an obstacle in the quality of human resources, especially those that can speak foreign languages including the marketing of tourist packages at Pangsan Village to prospective tourists.

Head of Pangsan Village recently said the village was indeed capable of delivering various tourist attractions such as trekking, rafting and lodging facilities that have been provided by the local community. By prioritizing the agricultural sector, people at Pangsan Village are also able to yield agricultural products that can be delighted by tourists, such as snake fruit, various vegetables like beans, green vegetables, fern tips and some other types of agricultural products. Armed with these varied agricultural products, the operators of the accommodation at the Pangsan Village are able to present diverse food menus that can be savored by tourists staying at the Pangsan Village.

At the moment, the constraints faced by tourism perpetrators at the Pangsan Village is the lack of trekking and rafting guides including personnel being able to speak a foreign language to handle the accommodation facilities. Government is expected to provide foreign language training to the community of Pangsan in order they could serve the tourists taking vacation in the village of Pangsan in a better way.

From the training of foreign language, it is hoped the community involved in the accommodation, rafting and trekking could get more leverage to serve tourists. Related to the arts, the young generation at the village has prepared an art attraction such as barong dance.

Chief of the village added the problem faced by tourism perpetrators at Pangsan Village was in terms of marketing of tourism package offered by Pangsan Village. Promotion stayed to be carried out by word of mouth so tourists taking vacation at the village of Pangsan was still very limited. One of the tourism participants at the Pangsán Village said the development of tourism village at Pangsan indeed faced many obstacles, including human resource constraints. To serve tourists, he was only assisted by eight rafting guides, four restaurant staff and three trekking guides.

Government was expected to have the capability of directing the hotel operators including those located in the Nusa Dua to provide the transfer of knowledge and tourists to the Pangsan Village. With the transfer of knowledge on tourism language, it was hope to enhance the quality and competence of human resources at Pangsan to extend services to tourists.

In terms of promotion, the activities of rafting, trekking, including the accommodation at the Pangsan Village was still performed by word of mouth. Promotion was also committed through dissemination of brochures distributed to tourism information centers in the area of Badung, Denpasar and Gianyar. To draw more tourists to Pangsan Village indeed needed to be supported by more labors to provide services to tourists.

Head of Badung Government Tourism Office said, as the tourism village, Pangsan had a charm in agricultural sector, trekking, rafting and other traditional arts. Pangsan Village also offered cottage accommodation facilities and also took advantage of residential house as a means of accommodation. Related to the constraints of knowledge, hotel sector in Nusa Dua had been directed to provide knowledge transfer to the community of tourism village in the North Badung including Pangsan Village. In addition, tourism school children had also been directed to have internships and service training in rural tourism as Pangsan Village. Through the students of tourism school was expected to get a transfer of knowledge in the field of foreign languages including expertise in the tourism services to the public in the village. In years to come, it was expected other than staying in the South Badung; tourists were also expected to spend their remaining days in enjoying the nature at tourism village in the North Badung like Pangsan Village or others tourism village in Bali.

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