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Bali House Garden

5 August 2013

When entering the house compound of any Hindu devotee in Bali, visitors will see various domestic plants in a small or simple garden. It is not only intended for decorative elements for the house, but itís much more than that.

These plants can also be used as simple ingredients for herbal medicine, kitchen spices and the like. But the most important among them is for ingredients at offerings. Frequent rites, either daily or on certain days, cause high demands for the availability of these offerings ingredients. Sometimes, traditional markets can not supply all they need. So, the rest should be planted at home.

In the context to other philosophical and cultural concepts it developed into varied forms of offerings. Parts of the plants presented for the offerings vary, ranging from roots, stems, leaves, flower tips, fruit and so on. This really generates devotees to provide themselves with the very basic needs of ingredients like scented screw pine, betel, assorted flowers and the like. This is conveyed as a simple linier system between humans and God, namely devotional worship, plants, offerings and God. In essence, it has already developed the sense of love to God, and at the same time, also to plants. As a thanks giving for this, humans also present offerings to plants in a special celebration called Turnpek Wariga or Tumpek Bubuh which fall on every 210 days based on Wuku Calender, Balinese Traditional Calendar.

On their presentation, certain plants (like leafs) may need plaiting as they are also combined with other ingredients. Different styles have different functions. Within it, there is an unlimited space for art creativity, producing beauty that certainly leads to love and deepens devotional worship. Apart from personal needs, people also collectively through their village institutions have grown various plants in their village gardens that provides the ingredients of offerings, so at least, the tradition that lasted through the ages, has been inherited, to plant or maintain big plants in the cemetery, village border or temple yard like frangipani, banyan trees and the like.

When you traveling to Kintamani toward mountain area in Bali, you be able to visit Bali tropical garden where you can also have a chance to explore about Bali spices, herbal and remedy as well as tropical plantation such as coffee, cacao, coconut, banana, pineapple, and much more. You also have a time to test Bali coffee and its variety as well as Luwak Coffee. Have a nice trip in Bali and choose our car rental and tour service for your convenient holiday during in Bali.

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