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Bali Culture Preservation in Line With Bali Tourism Promotion

18 July 2010

Secluded within the silence of Denpasar City, the Annual Bali Arts Festival (BAF) has become more than a vivacious art extravaganza for Balinese artists and community. In the past few years, the art celebration has drawn the participation of other regions across the archipelago. Likewise, it conjured up the interests of some foreign art troupes to join. Therefore, BAF has turned into an international art rendezvous on a bijou island.

The one-month art season on Bali Island definitely pampers the thirst and desire of art enjoyers. Since this event also presents classical performances, it simultaneously takes them into the past time, an age that they did not experience in person. It is just like a flash back to the ancient art grandeurs.

Inevitably, this Bali Arts Festival has grown into an international evens becoming the pride of the Balinese community. Apart from becoming an art celebration, it has posed a great opportunity to showcase some potential of handicraft products across Bali and of some participating regions throughout this archipelago. Through the years it has indicated a success of several small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Many art enjoyers and craft shoppers from across Bali, Indonesia and overseas made the event as their meeting point. They are eager to see the attraction and bring something unique to their home. Is there anything left? Yes, encourage them that Bali will have more attractions or destinations to be explored.

At the same time, the event also promotes the potential of regencies. Other than arts and crafts, new tourist destinations could be ideally introduced through this grandiose event. By doing so, there will be more choices to be visited by guests and the destinations are not those of very same things. As a result, local people will have more job opportunities.

This endeavor can be synchronized with the local cultural preservation. Destination should be considered as a product and each product has a particular life cycle. For instance, tourists visiting a destination should find a difference in their second visit, at least within five years. The difference can be in term of landscaping arrangement, services, additional attraction or the introduction of new destinations. If a product is not well managed, it will immediately grow mature and fall down and be promptly forgotten. To get good or maximal proceedings, it requires good cooperation of related government agencies, private sector and local community. Government authority in combination with marketing management owned by private sector certainly will yield a sweet fruit.

All regencies surely have their typicality. There are beautiful riverside, lakeside, verdant rice terraces, cool tropical gardens, unique tradition or distinctive and delicious cuisine. They are initial potential capital. If combined with selected cultural attraction or local social activities, would engender an amazing attraction. How to empower local farmers, fishermen and other workers in tourism activity directly or indirectly should become one of the purposes of this program. By doing so, they could behave more naturally when photographed by tourists, not grumble because they get nothing from their pose.

Those attractions can be a challenging adventure, memorable lifestyle (honeymoon, wedding festivity), pilgrimage or others. Typicality of the region should be well maintained and give focus so that they never become the same product as others. If new tourist destinations are launched every two years, within 10 years there will be 18 additional products offered to tourists. Of course, they will enrich the existing destination and attractions. There are always more reasons and inspiration for tourists to come as Bali has something new.

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